Dragon Ball Super

After the final battle with Majin Buu, our heroes settle into more normal lives, with Goku occupying his time with farming, Gohan enjoying his recent marriage to Videl, and Vegeta spending quality time with his family at a resort getaway. Daily life seems peaceful, until numerous planets begin to start disappearing and the Kais soon realize that Beerus, the God of Destruction, has awoken from his years of slumber!

In search of “Super Saiyan God”, a being he foresaw in a prophetic dream, Beerus and his assistant Whis travel to Northern Supreme Kai planet in search of Son Goku, the Saiyan that defeated Freeza. With Beerus is headed their way, King Kai tries to hide Goku, who } arrived on his small planet to train in solitary, but it is to no avail. Goku formally introduces himself to the god, but Beerus is disappointed to find that he is not even aware about a “Super Saiyan God”. However, as Beerus prepares to leave for Earth to question the other surviving Saiyans, Goku excitedly challenges Beerus to a match. Inspite of Supreme Kai’s protests, the two face off and it quickly becomes evident that it is an one-sided match, with Beerus by far Goku’s superior. Leaving Goku for dead, Beerus and Whis descend for Earth.

As everyone celebrates Bulma’s birthday on a luxurious cruise ship, King Kai telepathically warns Vegeta of Beerus’ impending approach to planet earth. As he panics, the God of Destruction abruptly appears behind him, and Vegeta recalls Beerus approaching to Planet Vegeta when he was young and tormenting his father, the King Vegeta, for not being sufficiently respectful. After asking  Vegeta about “Super Saiyan God”, and toying with him somewhat, the duet accept Bulma’s invitation to join the celebration, Whilst enjoying the party’s delightful food selection, Beerus becomes enraged when Majin Buu Disapprove eats all of the pudding. After easily dispatching Buu and the others, Beerus vows to eliminate the Earth for such disrespect.

Dragon Ball Super is ultimately the newest  series in the Dragon Ball franchise and most popular anime series currently.
Dragon ball super has only been voiced in Japanese in the present moment and will start to be dubbed in English with English voice actors nearing the summer of 2017. With the fan base at an extreme level in 2016 many viewers have created fan-subbed episodes as well as created apps, websites, and pages to watch dragon ball super online as well as take part in massive fan communities for discussions, theory crafting, and video sharing. Some of the biggest Dragon Ball Super video makers are RhymeStyle and Qaaman. Following the success of Dragon Ball Super, the newest addition to the Dragon Ball Gaming world will be released October 27, 2016 titled Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


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