Dragon Ball Super English Dubbed Coming Soon

dragon-ball-super-episode-53It’s been officially confirmed by FUNImation that Dragon Ball Super will now have an English dub soon. The production has not been specified yet when the project will start but we’re hoping to see the arrival of Dragon Ball Super dubbed in English somewhere in 2017. Many fans have been watching the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Super with English subtitles so much that FUNImation and other producing studios have done live simulcasting of the latest episodes. FUNImation has decided to add subtitles to episodes 1 through 10 as well as 47-64 and it’s library there after. The episodes from 11 to 46 will soon air after the subtitling job is completed. Funimation confirmed that they’re going to be handling video distribution for the United States as well as Canada. Dragon ball super English sub titled episodes can also be found on many streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Daidsuke, Animelab as well as many other streaming services available online. Some of the English speaking voice actors like Sean Schemmel (voice actor of main character “Goku”) and Chris Sabat (voice actor of main antagonist “Vegeta”) have been hinting at the dubbing on twitter to fans and to one another for months now, only time will tell when the final result and product will be finished, but fans of all ages wait in suspense for the masterpiece of Dragon Ball Super to grant their childhood memories the pleasure of a great series once again. Dragon Ball Super is currently (as of 11/8/2016) on episode 65 (Black Goku Arc) and will complete sometime in the next year or so, at which time we hope to see the English Dubbing has begun.

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